Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Individual Reflection
-Pre Camp
What sounds interesting about this project?
-This project is seems interesting to me as learning how to use a model refinery distillation seems to be useful for future purposes,also in work areas,it is also used for some purposes such as manufacturing petrol for automobiles,kerosene for aircraft engines,or getting pure oxygen for use in hospital.
What do you think you can learn from this project?
We will use a model refinery distillation column (UO P 3CC) to purify a mixture of 30 mole% of ethanol in water.We will learn to appreciate the steady state distillation of a binary mixture in continuous operation,the effect of reflux ratios on the performance of the distillation column and the chemical analysis of the distillate and bottom products using gas chromatography.
Any immediate questions regarding the project?
What are the key understanding to use a model refinery distillation column and what is it use for in Singapore?
Plenary Sessions
Session 1:Island sink and rise over time due to earthquakes(Slip during earthquakes on the megathrust rumples up sediments like pushing a loose carpet).Think of your profesion as a medium and not your life,have fun and enjoy what you choose to do.
Session 2:Animation is the optical illusion created by consecutive display of pictures.Software to use for animation:Cacani,3d line extension.There are 2 types of animation creation 1.2D drawing or 2.3D drawing.2D animation is more costly to create while 3D is cheaper to make.The average cost of making a anime episode is $150.000 and a movie cost 30 Million.
Session 3
Nanotechnolgy has advanced over time and can now be used in a variety of ways,one of its uses is that is can be used in the treatment of cancer where medicine is directly implanted to the cancer cells.Also with small nano motor,we might be able to incorporate nano-machines into further usage in the field of science etc.

Day 2
What did you do today? 
Today,I learnt the terms and machinery used in gas chromatography.Also me with my team members operated a model refinery distillation column(UOP 30CC) to purify a mixture of 30mole% of ethanol in water.First we observed how the reflux rate of the distillation column affects its performance.Then we were asked to use the distillation column to get 200ml of 77%ethanol mixture.
What did you learn today? 
I learnt the terms and machinery used in gas chromatography,how to use a model refinery distillation column(UOP 30CC).Also I learnt the importance of teamwork and communication during the SCBE challenge,we had to split our roles properly and tell each others what we needed to do to effectively finish the task.
How do you feel about today’s activities?
I feel that the activities today were meaningful,engaging and educational.It made us think critically and allowed us to learn something useful to us which we might possibly use in our future careers,also it taught me to keep calm and think our choices properly before doing things.

Day 3
What have you learnt about chemical production?
I learnt how gas chromatography is used in the production of chemicals and how to separate different solutions in a mixture through gas chromatography.Also,I learnt how the reflux ratio of the distillation unit affects its performance.
What have you appreciated about sampling and analysis?
Sampling and analysis was quite tedious for our group as we had to repeat the process of sampling and testing many times and had to wait for quite some time before we could check our results.
What have you learnt about science and engineering?
I learnt how how to operate a model refinery distillation column for minor usage like separating two different solutions from a mixture and the theory/concept behind it